How’s It Going?

Sean, CV9, Manny and Scoop here to give you the baseball content that you want. We’re 4 brothers who are passionate about the game of baseball, the culture, the experiences, and more. We’re Bananaland 🍌 Enthusiasts who love telling stories about the game we love. ⚾️


3x Funniest Teacher Award Winner. 1x COVID Survivor. Once copied an entire picture dictionary into a 70 page notebook for fun. Former JUCO Baseball Academic Standout. Resident Orioles fan. Better than CV9 at anything he tries to do.


Dansby Swanson enthusiast. Part-Time Social Media Guy, Part-Time Merch Delivery Driver. Washed up high school First Baseman. Sean’s idol.


Resident Rays fan. 2x NJABL All-star catcher, once upon a time I was Sean’s personal catcher. Holds a personal best time of eating a taco 12 pack in 9.5 min. You can probably find me slamming back apple pies from the months Oct-Dec.


4th guy in The Three Spot Lineup (makes sense). Resident Yankees fan. T3S Video Game Connoisseur. Lifetime .750 hitter at TD Bank Ballpark as a High School 1B. Once retired from baseball at the age of 4 after getting plunked by a kid who definitely needed a birth certificate check. Amateur baseball historian. Firm believer that Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player to ever live.

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