The Home Run Derby is BACK TONIGHT and we are STOKED. This is a national holiday for baseball fans, and one of the greatest skill competitions the world has ever seen. 

It got us thinking about our favorite Derby Moments of all time, at least ones that we actually remember.

Bobby Abreu Hitting a Seasons Worth of Homers in 2005 (to be enjoyed in Spanish)

I legitimately did not know who Bobby Abreu was until watching his performance in 2005. In one of the more uneventful derbies of all time, Abreu was a shining star, blasting 41 homers total, but 24 in the first round alone! Back when they didn’t have a clock, he could have gone on for hours.

Sammy Sosa Demolishing Baseballs at (then) Miller Park (2002)

This was the first derby I actually remember vividly watching. Sammy Sosa nearly leaves Miller Park and I honestly wouldn’t have put it past him to smash a baseball through the back glass windows. Bring back steroids.

Josh Hamilton Setting Records and Inspiring the World at Yankee Stadium (2008)

This performance was absolutely electric. Doing it in the old Yankee Stadium, fresh off his return from a past full of drug abuse, freakish talent, and an almost-wasted career, Josh Hamilton killed it. Extremely unfortunate that he didn’t go on to win this one. Justin Morneau: Buzzkill of the century.

Our Predictions for the 2022 HR Derby

Courtesy Bleacher Nation

Honestly, we have a really good field here. The only 2 knocks, in my opinion, are Seager and Pujols. I don’t believe the Seager hype, and I don’t really see him as an exciting guy in a derby setting. As for Pujols, I’m just scared for his well-being. He might blow out his back on his first swing. Would it be amazing if he goes out and wins it? Yeah. But I think this is really just a legacy invite.

Let’s get to our predictions.


I gotta go with Alonso in this one. The guy is built to hit dingers, and he lives for this stuff. In LA, I think Pete goes off and achieves the three-peat. As for a fun first round matchup, I’m looking forward to seeing Schwarber destroy The Machine. Pujols is obviously a legend, but I don’t think he really belongs here.


I don’t have a clear winner, but I do think that 4-5 matchup in the first round is going to be fun. 100% Dominican Home Run Derby. Ya tu sabe.

I also think it’s interesting how there are 4 NL East teams represented in the derby but none from the AL East.


That Alonso-Acuña matchup in round one is going to be interesting. I think Acuña takes Pete out and eventually takes the crown. What a story that would be after all his injury woes last season.

Who do you have in the derby tonight? Tweet at us! @thethreespot

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