Sitting here watching the Home Run Derby really got me thinking, where are the All-Star Jerseys? The ASG jerseys are ALL the talk when they get released. Everyone shits on them. They’re never good.

But there was a time in MLB history where the jerseys would be worn during the derby. And some of them were sweet. My personal favorite being the 1999 Fenway jerseys. I have a soft spot for vests. They’re always cool. Even the players who are all stars but don’t participate in the derby used to wear the jerseys while watching their teammates blast balls into the atmosphere.

However, the last time MLB wore these jerseys during the HRD was in 2017 in Miami. Since then, players have worn their own jerseys. I just don’t get it? Are they only wearing these jerseys during media days now? Batting practice? It’s a money grab.

Maybe… just MAYBE MLB actually understands how bad they always look and have consequently taken them off limits for a national viewing audience. I’m not sure. But MLB should just get rid of them at this point if that’s the case. They’re pointless. I get that they’re trying to showcase the culture of the host city, but we barely see them anymore. Let’s keep it that way.

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