Okay by now the baseball world knows about the brawl between the Mariners & Angels, but if you missed it, you can check out how it all went down here 👇🏼

Honestly, it was refreshing to see a real baseball brawl. We don’t condone violence here at The Three Spot, but every now and then baseball needs a nice press of the reset button. The game can get a little stale.

The early 2000s had some great baseball brawls (AJ Pierzynski, Karim Garcia v. Pedro/Manny Ramirez v. Roger Clemens, A-Rod v. Varitek, Anything Red-Sox Yankees was must-see), but since then the only real good brawl or semi-brawl we’ve seen was been Bautista v. Odor. Early 2000s baseball just had more of an edge to it. But that’s a blog for another day.

Today, the baseball gods decided to reignite the fire by having Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker get drilled by Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz. It turned into an all-out melee in Anaheim, with Winker throwing punches, JP Crawford getting his licks in, and a sea of red and blue jerseys moving around behind the plate and spilling into the shallow infield area. As the chaos began to conclude, Winker was obviously removed from the game, but had some choice words and gestures for the Angels faithful before exiting.

Honestly, I’m unsure of any history between Winker, Wantz, or anything Angels/Mariners related, so I can’t speak on that at the moment. But this blog is about what happened following the game.

Sofieballgame (if you’re reading this, please forgive us for not knowing your full name) decided to order a Mountain Mike’s pizza and have it delivered to Jesse Winker at the stadium.

And the good stuff didn’t stop there. Her DoorDash driver, Simranjeet, let her know that he was on his way and Sofie let him know to head to the stadium and let the staff know that it’s for Jesse Winker in the visitor’s clubhouse.

Courtesy @sofieballgame on Twitter

Now at this point, I thought the story would come to a halt. Pizza would be delivered, the tweet was funny, we thank Simranjeet for his service and everyone goes on with their day. But Sofie Ballgame saw the writing on the wall and knew we wanted more. So she added to the thread and kept us on the journey with her and Simranjeet. He was getting close to the stadium around 4:45 (Pacific Time), and she even shared with us the moment Simranjeet delivered, literally and figuratively, for all of us.

Like I said folks, the good doesn’t just stop when the goods are delivered. Simranjeet did his job and then some. He rewarded Jesse Winker with the pizza (at least at this point in real-time, we had to believe he did), and in return, he deserved the world. Sofie asks Simranjeet to share his Venmo or Cash App because Mariners fans, and baseball fans alike, are dying to give Simranjeet the tips he deserves for making the greatest delivery of his Door Dash career.



Courtesy @sofieballgame on Twitter

At this point, we know it’s real, guys. We are no longer just fans at the movie theater waiting for the climax, we have seen the plot unfold and now know that the director (or shall we say, delivery driver?) has brought the story full-circle.

I’m unsure of any amount of money Simranjeet was sent via Venmo, however, I am sure it was a worthwhile investment from all the passionate Mariners fans who donated. Simranjeet will never have to pay for a meal in the city of Seattle for as long as he lives. Get that man on a flight now to T-Mobile Park and at the very least have him throw out the first pitch to Sofie Ballgame.

This thrill ride of a story encapsulates the good that is possible in not only the baseball world, but society as a whole. Simranjeet’s life has virtually changed since waking up this morning, and the craziest part is that as he made the initial pizza pick up, he had no idea. It was just a regular day, regular Door Dash delivery. Can we do more things like this? I think if we did, the world would be a better place.

Go follow @sofieballgame on Twitter! She covers all things Mariners and Minor League Baseball. And while you’re at it, give Simranjeet a follow.

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