Officer Terry Hoitz was the first Yankee Clipper. There’s no denying that. “YOU SHOULDA SHOT A-ROD” is a classic line, and he cost the city a championship and himself a real cop job. If you haven’t seen The Other Guys, please finish reading this blog, then go watch.

But this Isaac Paredes… he’s coming to take that throne. Now, I’m not ready to put Isaac Paredes in Cooperstown. But this guy has ELECTRIC ⚡️lately. Señor Isaac’s timeline goes something like this:

  • Signs with the Cubs at age 16 (2015)
  • Traded to the Tigers in 2017 for Alex Avila and Justin Wilson
  • Traded to the Rays for Austin Meadows in April of this year
  • Breaks up a Gerrit Cole no hitter last night *while hitting 7th in the lineup*
  • Jumps into the 2 spot in the lineup tonight and hits 3 jacks.

The man is on a mission to keep the Rays afloat in the AL East.

His 3 bombs tonight (as of the time I’m writing this blog) bring Paredes’ career total to 10. Eight of those 10 homers have come in 2022. Those 3 home runs are also 3 more than Austin Meadows has all season long, which is a clear sign that the Rays won this trade. Meadows who?

I hope for Mannys sake, he keeps up a decent pace of production. I’m happy for Señor Isaac, and you should be too, especially if you are a fan of any team other than the New York Yankees. With all of the injuries the Rays have endured so far this year, specifically to their pitching staff, they’re going to need all the offensive help they can get.

Buy his jersey.

Better yet, tell the Rays to hang his jersey on the Catwalk.

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