Courtesy Jomboy Media on Twitter

This is absurd. I was aware that umpires have to be certified, go through trainings, classes, etc. But did I think it was going to be this intense? Absolutely not. This Reminds me of any scene out of a military movie where they’re going through basic training and everyone is just yelling. It’s actually satisfying to hear and watch.

Also, if you were walking past this stadium on the street and overheard the ‘Safe’ and ‘Out’ chants, you’d think they’re building robot umpires of the future. Maybe… they are… robots…? 👀🤖 it’s totally possible. Umpires are some of the best at keeping emotions in check, it’s part of their job to remain as objective as possible. They’re motions are tight and made with great form. They’re robots.

But of course, with all artificial intelligence, there’s going to be room for error. A bad call here, a bad call there. No umpire is perfect.

And that’s where these guys come in.

Maybe Angel Hernandez is one of the mentor umpires at this clinic. Who knows? But umpire training seems like the real deal. MLB demands highly skilled, highly efficient umpires who are expected to call games fairly and properly. They will for sure weed out the ones who aren’t quite cut out for the bigs, right?

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