If you’re ever wondering how to know when you’ve “made it”, take a page out of our book and check these experiences off as you reach them:

  • SHELLDON TORTUGA responds to your DM
  • SHELLDON TORTUGA joins your Zoom podcast recoding session
  • SHELLDON TORTUGA absolutely kills the draft and performs like he’s been there before

Okay, we’re not blog/podcast/social media megastars by any stretch of that idea. But, this is something we as a group would like to celebrate a bit. Shelldon Tortuga is one of, if not THE, hottest 🔥 mascot in the game right now. And I’m not only talking Minor League Baseball. He’s a Young King in the worldwide mascot game, and boy was he awesome on this podcast.

The dance moves, the artistry, the communication via whiteboard – it was all beautiful to watch. This Shelldon guy is a master at his craft, and he knows it. He knew his mascots so well, and apparently even hangs out with some of them in the offseason, possibly to crack open some mascot cold ones with the boys. At least, we hope he does, because he works hard and deserves the world.

For now, all I can say is to check out the podcast to get full context of the draft, and how it went. Obviously, Shelldon communicated with us via whiteboard, so you won’t hear anything from his side of the screen, but we kinda narrarate his actions and his picks. I think the mystery adds a little bit of fun and imagination, though.

With that being said, we are finishing up creating our YouTube channel so we can upload video content to our blog readers, podcast listeners, and our social media followers. Especially for instances like this, seeing Shelldon on the podcast in video format would be so helpful, and we want to get it out to you all! I know that for me personally, I’m big on being able to SEE what I’m being entertained by. Not that I dislike podcasts or blogs (if I did, I wouldn’t be creating those things), but I’ve always been a visual learner.

We did put up a trailer of the podcast draft that we created on our channel, and it’s about a minute long, so check that out in the meantime! But once that full draft pod video is uploaded *GO AND SUBSCRIBE NOW*, you’ll be able to see the full sum of Shelldon’s antics.

Cherish that turtle. God protect him forever and always.

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Check out the Draft podcast if you haven’t already, here on Spotify!

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