I started this blog this afternoon, and began with this.

Title: Mountcastle Builds ALROY Stock By Being a Great Human…

The AL Rookie of the Year Award isn’t announced for another week, but just give the damn thing to Ryan Mountcastle.

All the Arozarena, Garcia (x2) talk is nonsense. They’re great and all, but Mountcastle leads all rookies in homers, RBIs, and slugging. His performance should easily get him this award.

Literally typed that up this morning and was editing it this afternoon around 4:30. And then… at roughly 6:45 pm, MLB announced the 3 finalists for the ALROY, among other awards, and Mountcastle wasn’t even in the top 3. Instead, he was on the outside looking in on Arozarena, Luis Garcia, AND A GUY WHO ONLY PLAYED 80 GAMES THIS SEASON (Wander Franco).


Honestly, what was I thinking? I should’ve put this blog out earlier and maybe I would’ve changed the minds of the BBWAA. Am I to blame? I’m not sure. But I guess I’ll continue on to talk about the point I was going to make, which is a light of happiness in this very dark period of time.

On Halloween, a young man named Ryan dressed as Mounty for Halloween. Awesome, awesome costume. Grade A, MINT. I’d cry if I ripped this one out of a pack in a card break. Kid’s a stud.

Anyway, big Ryan decided to send the little guy some signed gear, including batting gloves and a bat, and it’s just the ultimate feel good story. The guy has a monster season for a non-contender, is a centerpiece of the Orioles future, and then he goes on and does something like this? Go ahead. Smile. Now. Smile not only for big Ryan but our little Ryan. Kid deserves it. Maybe one day he’ll grow up and win the Rookie of the Year, or at least make the top 3.

I know athletes do this a lot, and many times they are under the radar. A good amount of them get spread on Twitter and the rest of the internet, so I’m not here to say what Mounty did was some outlier act of God and he should be enshrined into the Caring Athlete Hall of Fame (at least not yet). But what I am here to say is, big Ryan is someone every kid should look up to and someone who deserves all the accolades that come his way during his career. Not only because of the way he performs on the field, but what he does off of it.

Go O’s. Mountcastle is the real ALROY.

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