There’s an age old debate as to what the worst day of the year is, and there’s such a great pool of answers you could come up with: The first day back to school after winter break, the last day of summer, tax day, the first really cold day of winter. All valuable candidates.

But none of these days hit like the day that really, truly sucks. And that day is today. The day after the World Series ends. The first day of the MLB off-season. The first day without baseball in god knows how long (257 days since Pitchers and Catchers reported to Spring Training 2021, but who’s counting?). The day that marks the beginning of a 116 day* journey full of rumors, meetings, speculations, and mild depression. 116 days until we get our first Spring Training action. 116 days of thinking. Reflecting. Looking ahead to the future. 116 days to stock up on team gear to prep for Spring Training and beyond (and maybe even some sick minor league merch?). 116 days to watch MLB Network on a nightly basis for no other reason but to hear the next big move your team probably isn’t making.

I look back on this season with a sense of happiness. Sure, the Orioles didn’t hit my Lofty 72 win prediction. Sure, my pick to win the World Series got bounced from the ALDS. Congrats to the Braves by the way. But this season was more than that.

I’ll get this 2021 cliche out of the way: It was great to have fans back in the stands. Okay great. Moving on.

I’ll remember this season for the experiences. Going to Orioles Spring Training in Sarasota with my then-fiancé, Manny, and his girlfriend, not knowing what to expect at our first baseball game post-COVID. The trips to Citi Field and Yankee Stadium with friends, watching Luke Voit hit an absolute nuke out of New Jersey with my brothers, experiencing Citizens Bank Park with my wife, and maybe the craziest of all, starting this blog to share with all of you. It’s been so fun watching, talking, and writing about baseball this year.

There’s so much we’re looking forward to. I definitely speak for all of us at The Three Spot when I say that we are so thankful for our readers, the friends we’ve made in the baseball social media community, and the opportunity to talk about the game we love. We’re so excited for what’s to come this offseason and next year as we continue to grow our blog, podcast, and social media platforms to share our love of this beautiful game with each one of you. We can’t wait to learn more about you all, and I hope we can entertain you on the way towards doing so.

But for now, we’ll be here, just like all of you, waiting for Spring Training to come.

There’s no time limit in baseball, and rightfully so. That’s what makes our game beautiful.

But for now, Spring Training, you are on the clock.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Spring Training Action

*116 day journey barring any potential CBA lockouts

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