Hey everyone! Before Game 1 tonight, the Three Spot squad wanted to offer up our quick World Series predictions! We’ll make this quick!


I hate to be that guy because my heart truly does not want to see the Astros win but I think it’s going to be Astros in 5. They have the experience and have been here multiple times now. I just don’t think the Braves can match the Astros offensively if the Astros bats get going. I hope I am wrong though and it’s a full 7 game series. I see names like Tucker, Alvarez and Rosario and Fried shining in this series. Braves bullpen might be strong but I think the Astros may have em figured out.


While the Astros are so consistent in the box, in the field , and on the bump night in and night out, I think the Braves pitching and defense is just a notch above, while the offense is a step below the ‘stros. With all of that on the table, I think the main variable is going to be which team gets hot at the plate and stays hot. I think the easy pick here for any baseball fan would probably be the Astros in 5 but all bias aside, I’m going to go braves in 5.
I think it’ll be a great series all in all.

Biggest X factors:

  • Yordan Alvarez: After the series he just had, we all know the dude strokes.
  • Ian Anderson: he’s been so good in the postseason the past 2 years with a 1.47 era in 7 starts.
Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Ian Anderson works against the New York Yankees during the fourth inning of the first game of baseball doubleheader Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)


As baseball fans, it’s nice to know we are all on the same page. The Braves are the right down the alley of the Cinderella WS teams of the past 10 years a la 2020 Rays, 2019 Nats, and 2015 Mets. If you live anywhere that wasn’t the home of the 8th wonder of the world (s/o Cactus Jack from Fortnite) this is the team you’re backing. They aren’t just the underdog, they are literally America’s team right now. Losing a generational talent to a horrific injury, an outfielder that was very nice to me and Chris when they played the Yankees in April but is a bad boy off the field, and rallied back from being below .500 in the summer to becoming one of the most unlikely WS teams we’ll probably ever see.

For Astro fans, the us vs the world mentality is going to be prevalent across the board. While they may not have been the people’s favorite, Vegas had them in the top 5 for a large chunk of 2021 to win it all. Trash can banging aside, this team fucks whether you like it or not. Even though they don’t have their ace, their bats have picked up the slack in every aspect of the game. Their experience has showed in tremendous fashion, and they have become the dynasty that literally nobody wanted (except my man Richard White s/o to you).

It pains me to say this, but if things go the way they should, Astros sweep this and give their big names a send off before they all fit nicely into the Yankee lineup next year.

Astros in 4. (Sorry Chris)


I’m going to split this up into 2 parts: My actual prediction and what I would like to see happen.

Actual Prediction: Astros in 7. I think both teams stack up pretty well against each other, as both offenses can be electric, defense is solid, and pitching although not amazing, is formidable no doubt. However, experience matters in the post-season and although I see a great back and forth fight, I think the Astros end up taking it home at Minute Maid.

What I Want to Happen: Hand up, I just don’t want to see the Astros win. If I’m being honest, I’m over the cheating scandal. I really am. I think the way they ducked and dodged the questions in Spring Training 2020 before COVID was sketchy and unprofessional, and it never sat right with me. But the cheating scandal itself and the act of cheating when it happened, it’s over with. I will forever acknowledge that they are a damn good ballclub. But in my ideal world, I just have to root for the underdog here. I would love to see the Braves take this series, in any amount of games for that matter. I’d love to see the Astros get swept, but it’s not going to happen. I want Braves in 6. I want Bad Bitch Joc hitting pinch hit bomb after pinch hit bomb swinging those pearls around the bases. I want Barry Bonds (the player formerly known as Eddie Rosario) to continue eating bullpen arms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And maybe most of all, I want Tyler Matzek blowing absolute cheddar past Correa to end it. Give it to me. See you in November.

Our Picks to Win It All (TL;DR)

CV9 – Braves in 5

Manny – Astros in 5

Scoop – Astros in 4 🧹

Sean – Astros in 7*

*I don’t want this to actually happen. Baseball Gods, I hope you’re a reader of our blog.

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