It’s been all over social media since it happened last night, but to reiterate, the AAA affiliate of the Diamondbacks, the Reno Aces, brawled with the Tacoma Rainiers (Seattle Mariners), midway through a homerun trot. Now, I’m not here to Jomboy this thing and break it down. I’m not even sure if there were any events that took place earlier in the game that lit the flame underneath it all. I am here to applaud the Stadium Sound Guy for not allowing this fight to go down quietly. Literally. Check this out:

Courtesy of Mariners Minors on Twitter @MiLBMariners

About 25 seconds in you’ll see a close up the fight (Give that camera man a raise), but you’ll also hear some arcade/nightclub music in the background, almost encouraging this thing to keep going as fast as possible. It was almost like we were watching something that was supposed to be happening. Almost like in a video game where a fight will start, music will start going to hype up the crowd and the fight itself.

And then!

And then.

As the fight hits its 45 second mark in the video, the stadium sound guy goes on to hit the percussion side of things and starts slinging “What I Got” by Sublime. How perfect is this. I mean I guess the next best thing would’ve been to play music from Street Fighter, but this was great. This guy understood the assignment.

Even the mascot on the dugout was into this fight and struck a karate pose:

Absolutely hilarious. But seriously, Stadium Sound Guy at Greater Nevada Field – you deserve a raise. Well done. I think we should call you for an interview on the podcast.

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