Welcome back everybody to The Three Spot and our affinity with team logos! If you’ve been following us, you know we love Power Ranking team logos, and we’ve done so with the Low-A level of the Minor Leagues so far. The crew has a ton of fun doing them and I know I love putting it all together into the blog and social media for you all to consume.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, do it now!

Low-A EastLow-A SoutheastLow-A West

Originally we were thinking of just moving on to the next level, High-A, and keep the Power Rank train moving. But we wanted to offer up some different content for our followers and readers, so we decided since we finished the 3 leagues within the Low-A level, why not do what all sports guys would do and hold a Team Logo Draft.

It’s something that we as sports guys and gals do on a normal basis anyway. We’re constantly ranking things, arguing about who’s better at this and that, choosing a top 5 or 10, making an ideal starting lineup… Whatever it is, it’s something we all love to do, even about things other than sports. Hell, I’d go ahead and rank concession stand snacks if I wanted to. Actually, that’s not a bad idea for a future draft. I’ll run that by the guys and see what guests we could get to help.

Anyway, we conducted this draft on Tuesday night through Zoom since we all couldn’t get together in person. We hope to one day bring these drafts into a podcast form, where you can hear all our back and forth banter and put faces and voices to names, for those who don’t personally know us. We had a bit of drama following the draft, and as the commissioner I had to step in and figure out what the best plan of action would be. But more on this later. Here are the logistics of this draft:

Draft Logistics

#1 – 6 Teams/GM’s (Sean, Alex, Chris, Manny, Mike, Conor)

#2 – Snake Draft Style

#3 – Each Team Needed to Pick 4 Logos

1 Miscellaneous Logo (From Any of The 3 Leagues)
*They could choose these logos in any order they wished*

#4 – Once a Logo Was Chosen, It Was Officially Off The Board

For those wondering how we decided to pick the logos we did, we kinda thought of it almost as if we had these logos as players on a roster, and thought about what that logo/mascot could do for us on the field. So the comments you’ll see below play to that sentiment.

How We Determined Draft Order

Draft order was determined by this spin wheel. When a name was chosen, that person got to choose their draft position (1-6).

Draft Order

  1. Conor
  2. Mike
  3. Manny
  4. CV9
  5. Sean*
  6. Scoop

Had to put an asterisk next to my name – on the first spin, my name came up and the slander towards the league commissioner for rigging this wheel was absurd. So, as any other responsible league commish would do, I spun again to keep my GM’s happy.

Totally ruined my chances of getting the Grizzlies 1-1 overall though.

But let’s get right into the action.

Since we’re in blog format, I want to make this as readable as possible and not have an extremely lengthy page for you to constantly scroll. So I’ll break down each GM’s picks in their own section and add any comments we had on Zoom to go along with them. Sounds fair? Great. Let’s get it!

If you’d like to listen to the entire draft audio from our Zoom call, check it out here! 👇

Conor – Picks 1, 12, 13, 24

Mighty Mussels: 1-1

Conor: “I don’t know if i just over-hyped this logo, but i love it and i think it’s the clear 1-1. It’s out of the Southeast and it’s the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels.“

Sean: “I personally love that. I get big Canseco, McGwire, Bash Brothers vibes. That’s the steroid-era in a logo.”

CV9: “That logo is batting 4, everytime. But where you throwing him in the field though?”

Sean: “Easy dh. That’s a strictly dh guy. You cannot throw him in the field. He’s a liability in the field, no range of motion with those arms. But that’s a cleanup hitter, he’s mashing.”

Mike: “I know you are all saying it’s a good pick but honestly that is the equivalent of roman reigns beating john cena at summerslam. Predicatable .”

Daytona Tortugas: 2-12

Modesto Nuts: 3-13

Carolina Mudcats: 4-24

Mike – Picks 2, 11, 14, 23

Inland Empire 66ers – 1-2

Mike: “Ok it seems like you guys want power, well I only know how to beat power with power. Give me the Inland Empire 66ers. We are going yard with the wrench, we have a weapon, put my man in the DH, we’re slamming dingers all day.“

Alex: “All day baby.”

Sean: “Dude, that guy fucks. That guy absolutely fucks. logo is batting 4, everytime. But where you throwing him in the field though?”

Mike: “And his girlfriend put steroids in his butt before the game.”

Sean: “I love that. I loved in the blog when you said that yeah he’s going to hit dingers, but who else is gonna fix your car while he’s at it? Like really, was McGwire doing that? No. He wasn’t.”

Lynchburg Hillcats: 2-11

Clearwater Threshers: 3-13

Fayetteville Woodpeckers: 4-24

Manny – Picks 3, 10, 15, 22

Fresno Grizzlies – 1-3

Manny: “I’m going Low-A West, ferocious, nobody’s gonna top this guy. I don’t care, you can come at him swinging a wrench, you can come at him with whatever you got, but Fresno Grizzlies“

Mike: “Good. Pick. All around, good pick.”

Sean: “For me that was my 1-1. That’s that organizational guy, the prospect you can’t miss, your Mike Trout kinda guy.”

Manny: “You don’t fuck with a Grizzly.”

Sean: “That thing is sick. That thing is like a hockey, basketball, everything logo. Just badass right there.”

Augusta GreenJackets: 2-10

Myrtle Beach Pelicans: 3-15

Palm Beach Cardinals: 4-22

CV9 – Picks 4, 9, 16, 21

Kannapolis Cannon Ballers – 1-4

CV9: “I don’t know how this one didn’t go 1 to any of you guys but this is an easy pick for me. I’m throwing him in CF, give me the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers. He’s batting 1, swiping 50 bags, might hit 50 home runs, you never know. This guy’s got it. Look at that stache.”

Manny: “Raise Hell Praise Dale.”

CV9: “Little tribute to NASCAR right there. He’s quick.”

Scoop: “You said tribute to NASCAR? It’s literally Evel Knievel you idiot.”

Don’t worry, Wikipedia came and saved the day.

Lake Elsinore Storm: 2-9

Lakeland Flying Tigers: 3-16

Tampa Tarpons: 4-21

Sean – Picks 5, 8, 17, 20

Charleston Riverdogs – 1-5

Sean: “You guys depleted my top-3 so I’m going with what was going to be my miscellaneous but I’m sticking with them in the East, I’m going with the Charleston Riverdogs.“

Chris: “Huge dog guy.”

Sean: “Huge dog guy, I think you need someone that’s going to get a bat for you. This guy is literally chomping a wooden bat. You know how hard it is to break a bat?”

Manny: “You know who also likes dogs? Girls like dogs.”

Bradenton Marauders: 2-8

Stockton Ports: 3-17

Down East Wood Ducks: 4-20

Scoop – Picks 6, 7, 18, 19

Jupiter Hammerheads: 1-6

Scoop: “My first pick, there’s no other choice here, the Jupiter Hammerheads. Man first of all, they’re from another planet, it’s a shark, look at the sharpness on the bottom of its tail.“

Columbia Fireflies: 2-7

Delmarva Shorebirds: 3-18

San Jose Giants: 4-19**

Post draft we realized that Scoop did not choose a team from the West. We penalized him by giving him the worst ranked logo in the West, the San Jose Giants.

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