There it is folks. The streak is over. The Orioles have finally won a game after 19 straight losses. I knew it was coming. The Orioles don’t lose 20 in a row. Not in their vocabulary, dictionary, or thought process. They’re just too good.

Once Mullins hit that lead off homer, I knew we were going to win this game. DJ, Tony Taters, and Hays Baby all contributing. Rally in the 8th. This. Team. Is. Good.

Buster Olney probably punched himself in the face as the liner to Tony in the 9th was falling into his glove.

He’s probably thinking of how to spin this win into something like “They won, but they’re still 39 games out and Mike Elias should go to jail per the next CBA”. Look out for that tweet in the morning.

With 37 games left, PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Don’t let the O’s get hot. Don’t let it happen. Yeah, they’re playing the Rays this weekend. So what. Tell them to tread lightly if they want to make it out of Charm City alive. This team is confident, getting on base, hitting bombs, and they just made the to-be AL MVP in Ohtani look like a little leaguer at OPACY.

Fuck it, bring up Adley in September, bring up Bannon, DL Hall, Grayson. Hell, I’m sure we can get Kjerstad’s heart pumping correctly after this win and just have him come up and hit bombs off the warehouse in September too.

Good luck to the rest of the league.

In the words of RDT, “It’s over for ya’ll hoes.”

By the way, not only do we have a winning ballclub, but our social media team UNDERSTANDS THE ASSIGNMENT. Every. Damn. Time.

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