With the Field of Dreams Game being played last night, the Three Spot Crew got to thinking about other fields and stadiums from baseball movies or video games that would be really freaking cool to see MLB recreate and play at. Let’s take a look at a few of our picks:

The Sandlot

I mean, cmon. This is a no brainer, complete chalk, a 1st Round/1st Overall pick no matter what. Personally my favorite baseball movie of all time but how cool would this be? The Sandlot represents every kids’ dreams to just play the game they love. Getting together with your boys, forming a little neighborhood team, and just playing every single day together. Sure, the field is a little rugged and would have to have a more clean field look to keep it up with MLB standards, but the surroundings could definitely be represented. Throw a Mr. Mertle replica house behind the fence. Maybe a giant replica of “The Beast”. With some 1960s decorative splash thrown in, it would be perfect.

Steele Stadium (Backyard Baseball Series)

The amount of times I’ve hit a ball into that pool over the left field wall with Sammy Sosa is over 2,000. Without a doubt. The sound of the splash is great. Hit one off the shed or the Mack truck in right center, you got a loud-ass thud. Players emerging from corn in Iowa? Psshhh. Emerge from the gate in dead central then come talk to us, MLB.

Veteran’s Field (Summer Catch, 2001)

Okay so maybe this one isn’t totally fictional. But Sunmer Catch is an underrated fictional baseball movie that represents a real college summer baseball league. Realistically, why not bring 2 MLB teams to play at a field that already exists, add some bleachers, concessions, and spend the weekend hyping up the historic Cape Cod League. Have Freddie Prinze Jr. come back like you did with Kevin Costner to throw out the first pitch. Have Jessica Biel come and do play-by-play. It’s a win-win folks.

Central Park or Randall’s Island, NY

Okay I know these are legitimate stadiums, but they have to be mentioned in this conversation.

Play a professional game right in the heart of NYC at Central Park. Have everyday people come watch. It would be so freaking cool and accessible to everyone. Obviously MLB would bring one of the fields up to their standards, as always, but that would be a sight to see. Imagine balls just flying in the air looking like they’re going right for the skyscrapers of the city? Another perk: easy access to hot dogs.

Randall’s Island, NY is the home of what used to be Triborough Stadium. If MLB could recreate that stadium (only 22,000 seat capacity), that would be such a cool sight to bring baseball back to its roots in NYC. Triborough Stadium at one time hosted Negro League baseball games and even Olympic trials.

“The Benchwarmers” Final Game Park

Back to the movies. Let’s be honest, this stadium was sick. We have features from Yankee Stadium (White Facade), Wrigley (Brick & Ivy), Fenway (Green Monster), and even Chase Field (Pool Area). This just screams family fun. Get a bunch of kids in there, let them go wild, invite the Benchwarmer guys in to recreate this memorable speech by Marcus Ellwood, and we’re talking action baby. And probably a lot of tears.

Mario Stadium

Wii Baseball Stadium

MLB Slugfest Aquarium Park and Triple Play 2001 Living Room Stadium

OK I think we went a little far here. It’s time for bed.

Which other fictional stadiums would you like to see MLB recreate and play on? Let us know!

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