This morning, the Milwaukee Brewers held a ballpark scavenger hunt at American Family Field. AT 5 IN THE MORNING. 5 OCLOCK. IN. THE. MORNING. But that’s besides the point. This event struck the Three Spot gang as really cool because when do you ever see an organization do this? Maybe there are other stadiums/teams that do fan scavenger hunts at the crack of dawn, but I certainly have never seen it advertised or celebrated on social media. The Brew Crew is giving away tickets, signed jerseys, and other items to fans lucky enough to find them.

And probably the best part: the sausage mascots were there.

I hope Randall Simon wasn’t there. And if he was, please make sure he got something. For the sake of the sausages, please. Do the right thing, Brewers. Don’t need another incident like this:

Anyway, we thought it would be cool to give our opinion on which ballparks we would love to do scavenger hunts at. Here’s our list:


Coors Field – Denver, CO

When the Rockies built their stadium, construction crews uncovered a triceratops skull while building. I mean, that on its own just makes me want to go dig and find more. That would be sick.

Citizens Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA

Honestly this one is really for just the ease of movement. Having been to the stadium recently, I loved the fact the concourse went all the way around the ballpark on field level. In a scavenger hunt, the less you have to keep traveling up and down the stairs, the better. Plus, you have to figure the Phillie Phanatic is always up to something 👀. He probably keeps cool things in his suit. There’s hella junk in that trunk.

Target Field – Minneapolis, MN

I love Target. Some people say Target is the store that makes the world go ‘round. Don’t you think a stadium, named after such an American institution, plastered with little red bullseyes everywhere, would have some sort of fun stuff to find? Even aside from baseballs, they might keep the actual Target dog, bullseye, at the stadium. I’m not kidding. I’m going to go find out someday.


PETCO Park – San Diego, CA

The Padres have one of the more aesthetically pleasing stadiums in the league. The opportunities to put items on balconies, in the beach area, and throughout the concourse makes this a sure pick. The main thing is the PRIZES here. Imagine having the opportunity to maybe get some signed Machado, Tatis Jr, Hosmer, Snell or even Darvish merch!?

Fenway Park – Boston, MA

This is a no brainer. Think of all the locations to potentially hide stuff here. The monster, the restaurant in the outfield, the tight seats in the 100s level. Just an all around fun opportunity at a historic stadium. While the current roster is star packed the idea of potentially getting Big Papi, Pedro, Pedroia to sign some stuff and spread around the ballpark has me drooling.

PNC Park – Pittsburgh, PA

OK so this one of more about location location location. The Pirates aren’t this star studded team what is going to make for super rare or cool items (if you are a Pirates fan or a Ke’Bryan Hayes or Gregory Polanco fan I apologize….for absolutely nothing). The pedestrian bridge can be a great hiding spot. Strap some items to the steel beams that pay homage to the steel city. Anchor some water tight sealed balls and place em in the river. This stadium would allow for fans to be able to easily walk around and not be crossing main arteries of traffic.


Minute Maid Park – Houston, TX

There’s something on the train tracks. I bet you. And it’s probably the ghost of that absolute TANKJOB by Albert Pujols in the ‘05 NLCS.

Wrigley Field – Chicago, IL

You’ll find me searching through the ivy for old relics. Maybe I’ll find a deep dish pizza, idk.

Oracle Park – San Fransisco, CA

You’re telling me there’s nothing at this beautiful park? There’s probably things hidden in that giant glove in left field bleachers or behind those childish-looking cars on the left field fence. Actually, fuck it. I’m diving into the bay and finding a lost homerun ball. There’s gotta be one from BP one day or something. Here’s a gif from the future of me and the homies when I find the grand prize at Oracle Park:

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Here’s Bernie Brewer.

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