Welcome to The Three Spot. We’re three brothers who live for everything BASEBALL – the eras, the food, the nostalgia, and everything in between. Our blog is written with the die-hards and the casual fans in mind.

CV9, Manny, and I want to provide you with the best takes on everything the baseball world has to offer. You want to debate about your All-Time Starting 9? We got you. You want to know our favorite baseball video games? We got you. You want a breakdown on some crazy play that happened in the 7th inning of the game last night? We. Got. You. From MLB, College, Indy-Ball or your local whiffle ball tournament, we’re here for you.

Feel free to comment, and interact with us to let us know what you want us to talk about next!

If you love to write about sports and want to be a part of the The Three Spot lineup, DM us on Instagram or Twitter @TheThreeSpot.

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